Quiz 1

Jay Taub Astronomy Couse 101 – Quiz 1
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How is a star born?

Particles from the sun are shot into space

2 electrons collide in spaceScientists don’t knowGas and dust start clumping together

Which is the largest gas planet in our solar system?



 The Sun


In the question above, there is one option that is not applicable to the question. Which option is it and why?

Explain how an astronomical unit (AU) was derived?

What is the speed of light?

 24,000 miles per hour

 186,000 miles per hour

 700 miles per hour

 All of the above, because it depends upon how much dark matter there is surrounding the light

If you were looking through the Hubble Telescope at a galaxy 9,000,000 light years away, what would you see?

Nothing, it’s too far

A spec of light the size of a grain of sand

The galaxy as it was 9,000,000 years ago

All of the above

What is the average amount of stars in a typical galaxy?


1 – 2 billion


1 million

What is a black hole?

What is dark matter?

Is there life on other planets? There is no wrong answer based upon your opinion, but you must substantiate your answer.