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Welcome to the Jay Taub OnLine Astronomy Class Class JT-101 Astronomy Basics While we keep exploring the ocean floor, above us is the vast, almost inconceivable universe planets, stars, galaxies, nebulars and interstellar dust. As you learned from you instruction introduction packet, the distance where some of these objects are located is over 13 billion light years (link to Distant Objects) from Earth. If we traveled from Earth to a stellar structure called UDFj-39546284, discovered in 2011 and is 13 billion light years from our home base, Earth, it would take us 13 billion years to get there, so we are currently looking at an object as it was 13B years ago. No doubt, it is not in this location anymore, or more probably, it just doesn’t exist anymore. It could have been ‘eaten’ via the magnetic pull of other galaxies or turned into mini galaxies or possibly could have imploded within itself by a black hole. If that happened 2 billion years later, it would take us another 2 billion years to know about it. Every Object Seen Here is a Galaxy So, one of the major components of the universe is light, which, according to Albert Einstein has a limited speed of 186,000 miles per second. We will be talking more about light in a number of our chapters. Please now continue to Chapter 1, Our...

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