About Jay Taub

Retired astronomy professor Jay Taub was fascinated by the stars from a young age. Born in 1949 in a rural town outside of Sydney, Australia, he often had more questions about the night sky than his father had answers. Thus, Jay began his education of the universe with an illustrated book of planets, stars, and galaxies that his father bought.

His first true foray into space came when he purchased an 18″ refractor telescope. Living in a rural area, there were no light obstructions to interfere as he peered into the sky. However, simply viewing the stars was not enough to satisfy his curiosity and he began drawing the phases of the moon, making calculations of the movements of the planets, and observing meteors as they dashed across the night sky.

Even while at school Jay’s thirst for knowledge was not fulfilled. It led him to pursue further learning outside of the classroom as he read about the science of the universe. Using the basic knowledge he acquired from high school, Jay excelled in learning advanced algebra, calculus and, later, physics on his own.

He attended Oxford University, where he received a degree in physics, and went on to receive his doctorate in astrophysics from Cal Tech. Upon graduation, Jay worked briefly in research positions for the federal government before turning to a career of education. He taught astronomy and advanced astronomy at multiple universities until he retired at age 61.